Judging a Book by its Cover

Despite the popular saying to the contrary, I’ll regularly judge a book by its cover. If a book has an interesting cover I’ll usually pick it up and see what it’s about. One of my favorite ways to find new books is to wander through the aisles waiting for that a cover to catch my eye. This method has led me to find some great new authors in my reading days, however that is not always the case.

Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World’s Most Coveted Handbag by Michael Tonello is an example of book I picked up based on the cover. The purses on this cover grabbed my attention and made me pick up the book to read the description. The cover made me think this book would be fun and entertaining, and I found that to be very true of the story. In this case judging a book by its cover worked out, and I found a great book!

“Rich Again” by Anna Maxted is another book that attracted me with its cover. The bright colors and bags reminded me of the cover of one of my favorite books, Confessions of a Shopaholic, which I also discovered while wandering bookstore aisles. Instead of a fun chick-lit story filled with tales of shopping and boy trouble, I found a dark story filled with death, drug use, and general dysfunction. In this instance judging a book by its cover did not work out, leaving me disappointed in my book choice.

Even though I am occasionally let down by books that I have chosen as a result of their cover, the rewards of finding a great book are worth the risk. I’ve discovered some of my favorite authors by wandering book store aisles, browsing eye-catching covers. While I will always count on recommendations from friends, I will always rely on judging books by their covers for new book ideas.

7 responses to “Judging a Book by its Cover

  1. I agree that a cover can suck me in and make me buy…and it’s a dangerous road to travel. Kind of like Russian Roulette, except there’s papercuts instead of bullets.

    I also was disappointed (or as Marbles would say: sickappointed) with “Rich Again”…I thought it was going to be a romp and it was anything but…win some, lose some.

  2. hahahah I like your analogy.

    Rich Again was a HORRIBLE book. HORRIBLE. So bad. Not good.

  3. Hi there,
    Boy, I was sweating it there for a moment. So happy I ended up with a positive judgement.
    Thanks for reading and
    be well!

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