Where do you buy books?

If I could afford it, I would spend a good chunk of my paycheck buying books. I buy books both online and in local book stores. In my experience, both places are great places for picking up your next read.

Membership CardI purchased most of my books in the last year from my local Barnes and Noble. I love wandering around the aisles finding books with interesting covers. With my Barnes and Noble membership, I often end up getting good prices on the books that spark my interest. The one problem with my local B&N is its size. As it is a smaller store, I often have trouble finding all of the books on my “to-read” list. That’s why I have a few other favorite places where I like to shop for books.

Target is another place I head to when looking to pick up new books. I have discovered some of my favorite books through Target’s Bookmarked Club Pick program. While they don’t have a huge selection, they always seem to have something new in one of my favorite genres. I am always able to find a new book or two after a visit to Target.

The last place I usually check for books is Amazon.com. This website has yet to let me down when looking for a book. With the option to buy used books, you can purchase books for as low as one cent. If I can’t find books at a local store, I can always count on finding whatever I am looking for on Amazon.com.

So readers…where do you get your books? Libraries? Local bookstores? Online? Inquiring minds want to know!


8 responses to “Where do you buy books?

  1. Nice post!

    I usually buy new books from Borders, Amazon.com, and B&N. Sometimes Books-A-Million, too.

    I try to keep a short version of my goodreads “to read” list handy at all times (since they don’t have a BlackBerry app *rawr*) so I’m prepared should I come across an opportunity to get a book or two. Or ten.

    I also like to browse thrift stores for used books, because they are SO CHEAP. Like, 25 cents a book! I also like paperbackswap.com for books I want to read, but may not want to keep. I often donate good quality used books to our local high school, so I try to be frugal in this way.

    I wanted to ask you: Have you tried used book stores? Or will that be a topic for a future post? πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the comment!!!

      My to-reads list is pretty large. It contains about 50 books, however 12 of them aren’t released yet. I feel bad though since I’ve had some of those books on my list forever!

      As someone who spends a TON of money on books (like $75 a month average) I would save a ton by using these alternative methods of book buying (thrift stores/used bookstores/libraries). However for some unknown reason I never do. I’m pondering why it is I do this, and am thinking it will be a future blog post.

  2. Honestly I either get things from the library or buy them from the bargin bin at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When there is a new book from an author I really love, I buy it straight away of course. Frankly, last year my life was not the greatest and I completely got away from buying and reading frankly so Im hoping to turn it all around and have been buying more. Thanks for the heads up/reminder about Target! I dont always look there and got away from reading there ads; its back on the agenda now πŸ™‚

    • I am SO GLAD you are back to reading more!!!

      Like you I stopped reading for a while, but the HP books really brought me back into the habit of reading regularly. I didn’t realize how much I missed reading until I found myself devouring books.

      Check out Target! Right now two of my favorite books ever (Something Borrowed, and Something Blue) are part of the Bookmarked Club Pick program. If you are a chick lit fan I would suggest checking them out. LOVE these books

  3. When I buy a book, it’s usually at Barnes and Noble. Because that’s what’s around here or anywhere I live. I go to Books-A-Million occasionally, but it’s more like my sit and read place, but not buy. And sometimes I buy from used book stores! Those are fun.

    But, like Sue, I usually just go to the library and save my money for John Green books.

    • First off thanks for the comment! Comments make me happy.

      I really need to get into the habit of going to the library more. I mean they have all these books for FREE. Free is good. Also so often I have a hard time finding older books at bookstores, when I could probably easily find these same books at the library.

      I very rarely sit at a place and read. That is something I should start doing more. So often I pick a book up based on it’s cover, but it, and then bring it home only to discover I just can’t get into it. Sitting down a the store and reading the first few chapters would help make sure this doesn’t’ happen!

  4. I’m an Amazon.com girl myself. Firstly, because they offer pretty sizable discounts on the list/cover price of most titles. And secondly because I’m a lazy soul who loves to get packages in the mail. As a member of Amazon Prime I get 2nd day shipping free of charge. So in two days time I will have my book and be ready to curl up in a comfy chair without ever leaving the comfort of my home. πŸ™‚

    I have found a few books in Target while shopping for other things, but I’m generally loyal to Amazon.

    • I just got a free trial to Amazon Prime, and it is like crack! I keep putting stuff in my cart and then taking it out, and then putting it back. Knowing I can get something in just two days is a dangerous thing. However I did make an order Monday and I’ll be getting it today! So excited!!!

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