Authors are all aTwitter

Twitter is a fantastic place to get information out quickly. Many authors have realized this, and they are using Twitter to quickly spread the word about their work. This practice helps authors in reaching their existing readers, communicating with them, and giving them updates about their books. In addition authors are also using Twitter to reach out to new readers. I love using Twitter to find new authors and to keep up with my favorite authors.

An example of an author whose books I started reading after I found them on Twitter is Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson). I met Maureen at LeakyCon 2009. After the conference I decided to check out Maureen on Twitter. What I found was a stream of hysterical tweets that inspired me to check out her books. I have since read and ejoyed all of her currently published works. Now I use Twitter to keep up with the status of her next book, The Last Little Blue Envelope, due out May 2011.

I follow my favorite authors on Twitter to find out about their newest projects. When an author announces a new book, Twitter is often the fastest way to find out about it. Jane Green (@JaneGreen) tweeted about possible title choices for her upcoming book. Other authors like Ally Carter (@officiallyally) sometimes tweet excerpts from the works they are editing. Looking for a cover or release date for a book? Check out an author’s Twitter account!

Authors don’t only tweet about books while they are writing them. Authors use Twitter to get the word out about their soon-to-be release books. Meg Cabot (@megcabot) recently tweeted about a book giveaway for her upcoming book release. John Green (@realjohngreen) recently posted his tour dates on Twitter for for his upcoming tour.

I find the best way to keep track of my favorite authors on Twitter is using lists. I have created a Twitter list of some of my favorite authors. Feel free to check it out, and hopefully find a great new author! Have an great author I’m not following? Let me know so I can check them out!

8 responses to “Authors are all aTwitter

  1. You have a great Twitter list! These are authors and book-related Twitter people that I follow that don’t overlap with your list:

    Ann Brashares – @annbrashares

    Neil Gaiman – @neilhimself

    Arthur A. Levine Book – @AALBooks

    Craig Ferguson – @craigyferg (yes! he’s written 2 books)

    David Pogue – @pogue

    Gina Tripani – @ginatripani

    Cheryl Klein – @chavelaque

    Stephen Fry – @stephenfry

    • Dah! I do follow Cheryl I just forgot to put her on the list!!! I shall fix that now!

      I shall make sure to check out the other authors. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Ooh, I agree that Twitter + authors is a great mix! This is less easy with really popular authors, but I also love the chance to *maybe* talk to/hear back from an author whose work I really enjoyed… For example, I read ‘The Season’ by Sarah MacLean (which I really recommend) and then found her on Twitter… She ended up giving me college advice last fall, so cool!

    Also, Sarah, just have to give a WOOT for @CraigyFerg. Have you read ‘Between the Bridge and the River,’ his other book?

    • I agree with you about how easy it is to “talk” with authors on twitter! Maureen Johnson is great at talking with people on twitter, as is John Green. I’ve messaged some authors, such as Ally Carter, with links to the blog posts I’ve written about their books and they’ve responded back to me. It’s great to see that authors are as excited to talk to us as we are to them!

  3. @Laura – yes, I did read “Between the Bridge and the River” when it first came out. I thought it was pretty good!

  4. Awww, I’m on the list. Can I just say that makes me all tingly inside?

    I love following authors on twitter. You get such great “inside” information and you get to know the author as a person. If you really like their books, it makes sense to also see what they think about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in general!

    • Why wouldn’t you be on the list!!! You are an author!! Your books are on my shelf right next to the HP books!

      I tweeted my last post to @NannyDiaries, and not only did they respond, but they also tweeted the link to their followers!!! It was great!

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