is a website I rely on heavily as an avid book reader. This website helps me in all stages of book-reading. has tools to help me find books and track the books I have read. Since finding this site, keeping track of the books I read, as well as picking out what to read next, is so much easier!

Goodreads logoBefore I found, I had no system for keeping track read books. As a result, I occasionally forgot which books I had read. has completely changed this. I now am able to easily manage a list of books I have read. The list feature also allows me to organize books by the year or genre. As books can be in as many categories as you want, I am able to organize my books many different ways. These are just a few reasons why this website has been really helpful to me in managing the books I have read.

Another feature that is helpful is its rating and review area. The star system on the site allows you to easily convey to others how much–or how little–you liked the book.
Also available is a place to leave a review of a book. You can use this section to talk in more deatail about your thoughts on the book. I like this section because it allows me to remember my thoughts about a book. Reading other people’s reviews can help you decide whether or not that book is for you, and what to read next. Reviews are great for making an informed decision when buying a new book!

Other than reading reviews, there are many great ways to find new books to read. My favorite way to find new reads is by checking out the giveaways section of the site. This is a great place to find information on books that will be released in the coming months. I always make sure to sign up for a few giveaways, and I put these books on my to-read shelf to pick up if I don’t win a copy. Checking out this section of the website has lead me to find many enjoyable book selections.

Looking for a book in a specific genre? has lists available for every genre to be found. Lists available include historical fiction and upcoming YA book. I often use this area of the site when I’m looking for something specific. The list section always helps me find something!

Another great feature of is the ability to “friend” people. By simply sending or accepting a friend request, you have instant access to your friend’s book lists. Checking out the lists of books friends have read is a great way to find a new book. As my friends have great taste in books, I usually find something here that I need to check out. The same is true if I finish a book I think a friend will enjoy. I can use a notification system to send recommendations to friends. Then they have the option to add that book to their “to-read” list. I often find the best book recommendations come from friends, so this feature is one of my favorites!

Authors have their own sections. These sections contain information about their published works. If an author has a blog connected to his profile on, then this section will include the latest posts.This information really helps you keep up with what your favorite authors are writing. Some authors are even members themselves. If this is the case, this section will also help you find out what your favorite author is reading. A lot of great information can be found here.

Those are just some of my favorite areas on This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything on the site. I urge you to go ahead and check out this website if you haven’t previously. I hope you will find it as helpful as I have. Already on the site? Feel free to add me!

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  1. greenlightening

    I really liked this review. I am relatively new to Goodreads and haven’t yet explored a lot of the site’s functionality. This is a great jumping block for me to start maximizing my efficiency when using the site.

    • I’m glad you have found it!! I remember being totally overwhelmed when I first found the site, so I hope the post above is helpful. Make sure to check out the giveaways! Free books are always good!

  2. I love Goodreads, and am grateful to have been steered to the site by you and Andy esp (well most of Leaky really lol)

    Completely agree about the friending, for I’ve seen lists now of some great books I really want to check out! Im not nearly as prolific a reader -YOU ARE AMAZING and much quicker than I- but the past few months getting to read again have been a true godsend, love it! Plus gotta say winning a free book is so very cool, and it turned out I liked it quite a great deal. Cheers Kimmy, and thanks again to you and all for the heads up on this fabulous site! 🙂

    • Friending has been GREAT for helping me find new books!!! I love how it also lets you see what your friends have rated books.

      I’m glad you’ve found the site, and also glad you’ve been able to start reading again!!!!!

  3. I really agree about goodreads. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through old stuff in my desk to find random sticky notes with “to read” scrawled across the top. It’s great to have one place to keep all this information.

    Also, as someone with a specific numerical goal (I want to read at least 52 books this year), it’s easy to look at my “2010” folder and see if I’m on track.

    Great review of the site!

    • I also find the “to-read” list great for when I go to the bookstore. With over 50 books on that list I often forget about some of the books when I get to the store. With I can easily check the list on my Blackberry. So easy!

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