As a blogger, I often spend time seeing what search terms lead people to my blog. This helps me determine if new people are finding my blog, and what is leading them to it. I was pleased to see a lot of searches for Ally Carter’s “Gallagher Girls” (GG) series were leading to my blog. That excitement soured when I noticed a third of those searches were looking for places to read the book online for free. As Carter has never published the whole of the GG books online, these people are looking to read the books illegally. This is very upsetting.

I understand that many of the readers of the Gallagher Girls books are in the “Young Adult” category. In many cases may be to young to get jobs, and therefore can’t afford trips to the bookstore. I imagine this is why they might look for free options for reading the book. I, however, do not think that this justifies downloading free copies of the book.

If not for libraries, perhaps I would be more sympathetic towards those who cannot afford to buy books. Libraries provide books free of charge for all. If your library doesn’t have the book you are looking for, you can request it or look into having it loaned from another library. Unless the book is a new release, it is generally pretty easy to get your hands on a book without having to pay.

Now people may ask, “If you can get a book from the library for free, why can’t I download it for free?” While I’m not going to discuss all the reasons, the main problem I have with it is how many people this practice hurts. In short, downloading books illegally off the internet hurts the author of the book, its publisher, the readers, and the libraries themselves. How? Well, for that I’m going to send you over to GG’s author Ally Carter’s blog post on ePiracy as she does a GREAT job explaining this!

Anyway, I didn’t mean to end up posting a rant. (oops!) As a book fan, this is an issue that upsets me. It was nice to get my thoughts about this issue out there. Thanks for reading!

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