Great Book Recommendations

When I make a book recommendation to a friend I am always a tad worried. There is always a fear in the back of my mind that although I loved a book, they could hate it. The same is also true when I pick up a book on the recommendation of a friend. How am I supposed to respond if I hated a book they highly praised? While this has yet to happen, I always get a bit nervous when starting a book plugged by a friend.

My experiences with the Harry Potter series helped me find some great friends. The passion we share for the Harry Potter series often translates to a general love of reading. As that feeling is shared with this great series, I often find many of us to have similar tastes in books. When a love of books and shared interest combine, great book recommendations are often the result.

I credit my discovery of the fantastic world of Young Adult (YA) literature to recommendations from friends. In some cases, the book suggestions come inadvertently. After noticing a few friends commenting on a book on twitter, I will look to get more information about it. Often–as was the case with John Green’s novels– I’ll find myself heading to the bookstore to pick up the book. A love of YA books was born.

My friends are not the only people who recommend books to me via Twitter. I mentioned previously that there are a few fantastic authors that I follow on the site. These authors can also be a great source for recommendations. A while back, Maureen Johnson tweeted how she had written a blurb for Heist Society by Ally Carter. This mention put the book on my radar, and I purchased it on my next bookstore run. I enjoyed the story so much I ended up picking up the author’s Gallagher Girls series. Another successful recommendation!

Sometimes I pick up books based on their covers. Other times I pick up a book based on a suggestion by a friend. While the book cover route has had mixed results, a recommendation from a friend has never let me down. Keep those great book reviews coming, guys!

5 responses to “Great Book Recommendations

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  2. Kimmy, have you read this post on the Forever YA blog? It’s about YA book covers:

    You made me think of it. Sometimes I pick something up purely based on it’s cover, too. Or if it’s reviewed on FYA.

    • I love that post! Thanks for the link! I agree with that blogger on SO MANY points! I have never read a Sarah Dessen book because the covers are so ehh. Also the Twilightification of every YA book is so annoying. Dislike.

      I am going to have to check out that blog more often!

  3. I know what you mean about being worried when you recommend a book you love to a friend (or in my case my daughter). But I’m going to recommend one to you anyway šŸ˜› Have you read The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson? Great book, imho.

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