Books I Can Not Wait to Read in 2012

I love Tuesdays. Why? Not only do they signify that Monday is over, but they are also the day that publishers release new books. This means that almost every week this year I have awoken on Tuesday excited to get to the bookstore.

This excitement left with me with two problems. How do I keep track of all of these great releases, and how to I get the word out to others who may want to read them? My solution to the first problem was to create an Listmania List–Books I Can Not Wait to Read in 2012-to track publication dates. After thinking for a bit, I was able to solve the second problem. I realized I could use my blog to discuss the new releases for any given week. Each post could briefly cover what each book was about and then share why I was excited to read it.

I am hoping that these posts will help people find great new reads. Have a book that you are excited about? Let me know! I love finding new books as much as I love sharing my favorites with others.


2 responses to “Books I Can Not Wait to Read in 2012

  1. I am so excited for Kevin Hearne’s new book “Tricked” it’s supposed to be out now but I couldn’t find it at my local store. I’ll be searching again this weekend but, if not, it’s getting ordered on Amazon ASAP.

    I also can’t wait for Rick Riordan’s next book in the Heroes of Olympus series. That ending was such a cliffhanger, it’s been driving me nuts. That won’t be until October-ish though so I have a bit of a wait until then.

    • I really need to check out Riordan’s work.. I’ve heard such great things about it, but yet to add it to my to-read list. You have finally inspired me to do that!!! Thanks!

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