Update: My 2010 Reading Challenge

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions for myself. This is mainly due to the fact that I never keep them. However this year I noticed many of my friends making resolutions about reading. I found myself very interested in this concept, as it was a goal I may strive to reach! I always read a lot of books so why not aim for a goal? I decided to aim for reading 78 books in 2010–a book an a half a week–and off I went.

As I have mentioned previously, Goodreads.com is a great way to keep track of what books I’ve read this year. With the ability to make lists, I can group all of my 2010 reads together. This functionality has been key in helping me count the number of books I’ve finished. I would be lost without this site!

Now, a great tracking tool isn’t the only thing I’ve needed as I head towards my goal. Motivation has been a necessary ingredient. In the beginning of the year I simply needed to buy a book, and it would be read within days. While I was in the high single digits for January and February, March through May saw double digit reading counts. I was on a roll!

My big news at the end of May brought my reading motivation to near nonexistent levels. While I was excited to find out I was pregnant, I had zero interest in reading. The pile of great books I had on my nightstand lay untouched. My June reading numbers dropped to a measly two. Time spent not at work was spent sleeping. I started to worry I wouldn’t hit my goal.

In the past week or so things have started to turn around. I found the desire to read appearing more frequently. While I’m not back to double digit numbers, I’m excited about my six books for the month. It’s nice to know that even though my desire to read may leave me for a bit, it will return!

So, how am I doing with my challenge? At just-past the halfway mark of the year, I have read 55 books, and am 70% completed. I was surprised to find that despite my off month, I’m ahead of my target. My fears of not reaching my goal have been put aside for now. It is nice to know that even though I have had some temporary setbacks, my goal is very much within reach.

6 responses to “Update: My 2010 Reading Challenge

  1. I have had moments on and off all year where I tear through books faster than I can keep them in the house (I use the library but wish I could buy more books). Over all it has been great to use good reads, not only to keep track but to see what my friends are reading too. My goal for the year is 65 but as of today I have read 51 so I think I will pass that goal by quite a bit.

    • I REALLY need to either start using the library, or get an ebook device. I’m just spending SO MUCH money on buying books right now. I have noticed however that my credit card bill has been much lower the past two months, which corresponds to when I stopped buying new books. I’m guessing this is related.

      Good job on your progress!!!

  2. This concept IS intriguing. I am unable to do it (I have classes starting again in September and won’t finish until next summer), but I’d love to do this also. I’m new to Good Reads, but I’m planning on entering reviews of all the books I have read up until now (which could be in the thousands), so I’ll make a resolution now to have my book reviews posted there by the end of my time in classes, and then join you with my own “To Read” list. Thanks for the great idea!

    • I understand not having enough time! My sister is currently trying to get her masters, as well as working full time, and raising a 7 year old. I’m only allowed to give her new books to read when she is in-between semesters.

      I have found goodreads to be a GREAT site for keeping track of the books I’ve read. I hope you grow to love it! Good luck getting all your reviews up!

  3. Congratulations on the baby news, Kim! Love your blog, btw.

    I wish that I had kept a list of what I read this year. Especially since it’s the most I’ve read in a year to date. Like Wendy, I get most of my books from the library and only buy if it’s a book I love. Most libraries belong to the Minuteman network (I’ve gotten books from your area) so even if your library is small you can usually get it sent to yours from another.

    After all, you have a bitty book library to build up at home now 🙂

    • Thanks so much!!!!

      I really would suggest goodreads! Like you, I used to be unable to remember what books I had read and what I hadn’t. I would pick up books that I had read, and not remember what they were about.

      I do really enjoy always having something at home I can pick up and read. It’s also nice to be able to be able to pass books along to friends! I love sharing the gifts of books!

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