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E-Readers Revisited

Last September I posted my thoughts on the topic of E-Readers. I summarized that I would love such a device but cannot justify the cost. I concluded that it was not something I needed at the time.

Recently I have found myself with some quiet time holding my daughter while she sleeps. This has been a great opportunity to get some reading done. Unfortunately the fact I am holding a sleeping baby makes it hard to turn the pages of the book. It crossed my mind that an E-Reader would easily allow for one-handed reading. My wonderful husband suggested that perhaps this would be a good Mother’s Day gift. This seemed like the perfect idea.

Nook E-ReaderThe question then became “Which E-Reader should I buy?” I narrowed my choices down to two; the Nook and Kindle. I compared them to determine which was the right one for me.

One feature I considered a “must have” was a 3G connection. This would allow me to purchase a book at any time. Both options include this feature. The Nook–like my iPhone–takes the internet connection one step further and allows you to browse the web. I did not want to pay extra for this feature since I would not use it. Another feature the Nook had was that it displayed in color. I could not justify getting a device with color–again it is not something I would ever use.

Kindle E-readerIn comparison the Kindle was filled with features I would use. The fact it was not back-lit meant I could easily use it in direct sunlight. The Kindle mobile app allows me to read my books on my Macbook, iPhone, or iPad. The syncing feature allows me to pick up exactly where I left off no matter the device. My Amazon.com addiction–90% of my books have been purchased from the site–was another plus for this device. Purchasing the E-Reader from Amazon meant I could continue on with my shopping habits.

In the end the thing that finally made my decision had nothing to do with the features of either product. As a Mother’s Day special, Amazon offered a free $25 gift card with the purchase of a Kindle. This was the perfect thing to start my collection of E-Books. With my husband’s credit card in hand, I ordered the device and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Kindle App IconI have had my Kindle for two months now, and I am very happy with the decision I made. I find myself frequently enjoying how I can easily download several sample selections to my Kindle to peruse. I can determine if I’m interested in a book before spending money on it. I love being able to easily read books with one hand. Since I can purchase a new book at any time, means I always have something to read. I could go on and on about all the reasons I love my Kindle.

Now that I have an E-reader, I eagerly endorse them to anyone who asks. I initially thought I would miss having paper books, but that hasn’t been the case. I think this purchase has been instrumental in me meeting my reading goal in record time. These devices may not be for everyone, but I am really glad I finally got one.

Where do you buy books?

If I could afford it, I would spend a good chunk of my paycheck buying books. I buy books both online and in local book stores. In my experience, both places are great places for picking up your next read.

Membership CardI purchased most of my books in the last year from my local Barnes and Noble. I love wandering around the aisles finding books with interesting covers. With my Barnes and Noble membership, I often end up getting good prices on the books that spark my interest. The one problem with my local B&N is its size. As it is a smaller store, I often have trouble finding all of the books on my “to-read” list. That’s why I have a few other favorite places where I like to shop for books.

Target is another place I head to when looking to pick up new books. I have discovered some of my favorite books through Target’s Bookmarked Club Pick program. While they don’t have a huge selection, they always seem to have something new in one of my favorite genres. I am always able to find a new book or two after a visit to Target.

The last place I usually check for books is Amazon.com. This website has yet to let me down when looking for a book. With the option to buy used books, you can purchase books for as low as one cent. If I can’t find books at a local store, I can always count on finding whatever I am looking for on Amazon.com.

So readers…where do you get your books? Libraries? Local bookstores? Online? Inquiring minds want to know!